Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blog crushes

When I first started blogging I had a couple blog crushes. Now, don't get all silly on me. I'm not talking about people I wanted to hook up with (isn't that how all the kids put it these days?), it was blog writers that I found funny and smart and interesting. I wanted nothing more from life than to get them to acknowledge me, to visit my little corner of the world, to leave a comment. Just one, eensy, weensy, teeny-tiny little comment.

And when they did, I was over the moon.

And now I have to confess something: I read a LOT of blogs, people. So many that I don't have them all in my blogroll. It gets overwhelming and, honestly, I am just too damn lazy to add them. And I am again too lazy to comment on most of them. So there you have it. I admit it -- I suck. Like you didn't already know that.

Anyway, back to the crushes. I have received a few comments recently from a blogger. I don't know much about her, because she reveals VERY little personal and specific information about herself. But I WANT to know more. She's all, "I'm cool and you don't know me, you just wish you did, and I can't reveal details about myself because I'm an international spy and I'd have to kill you if you found out my true identity" and let's face it, that just makes people want to beg for more.

So I left her a comment, because I think she's cool and the entry I commented on, well, it totally made me want to know her in real life. And she posted about me. Me. Like I'm "somebody." She apparently had a blog crush on me. This makes me alternate between hysterical laughter and, well, blushing this crazy shade of red that would make you think, if you hadn't met me before, that I am part Maine lobster or something. Seriously.

So go check her out. I'm guessing now that I've commented the crush is gone and she's all, "Oh, her. Yeah, whatever." But I still want to meet her, if she really does live in Minnesota and she doesn't have international spy stuff taking up all of her time.

After all, we speak the same language.

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  1. Holy Cow! And here I thought it was just me. When I read your blog, it sometimes feels like I wrote it! And I get all confused like "Oh wait, I don't remember writing this, no this isn't the color of my blog."

    I'm green
    and your blue
    You seem to love me,
    AND I LOVE YOU!!!!

    (not like that, but you understand)