Friday, April 18, 2008


* There was a late start for school today. Not a huge problem but it does throw schedules off.
* Something is tweeting in the basement. Rob has a room with a workbench and tools. The furnace and water heater are in there, too, and a cupboard into which the dirty clothes fall from our laundry chute on the main floor. There are all kinds of nooks and crannies that a person can't fit in, and something is tweeting in there. Not in a window well outside, I am pretty sure it is in the house. I couldn't find it when I went in there with a flashlight. The door is shut so that Rob can deal with it when he comes home. You're welcome, honey.
* An elderly family member who lives some distance away is failing. Her mind is, as they say, not as sharp as it once was, and the entire family is concerned. There may be some major upheaval for her this summer, and none of it is going to be pretty.
* It's cloudy and gloomy out.

On the up side, I invited a friend over for coffee this morning (we were supposed to meet at a restaurant, but since I had all 3 kids I decided that would not be such a great idea). It was good to see her and it provided a much needed respite from some stresses I've had of late.

This afternoon I think I'll retreat to my bed, read a book, and escape for a little while. Amazing how the sunlight (or lack thereof) can have such an immediate effect on my mood.

Tomorrow's soccer game is NOT at 8 a.m., thank heavens, and it should be a nicer day, so I know I'll feel better. Today, though, I just feel cloudy.

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  1. Hope the sun comes out for you soon in more ways than one.

    If there is even a remote possibility that the tweeting could be another bat friend, I want you to go now and stuff a towel under the door. Rob can still deal with it, but there will be a greater chance that it stays in there tweeting away with a good thick stuffing of towel keeping it there.

    Bats can fit through a hole the size of a dime.