Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Busy week! I am the Caring Coordinator at our church and there is a memorial service this week, requiring a lot of my time.

Evan has soccer practice 2 nights a week (and apparently I was not the only one who thought 5:45 pm practice was inconvenient, because now it is at 6:00 one night and 6:30 the other). Rock on.

Sandy tagged me last week and I promise I am going to get to it. I promise.

The DFL office has become quite the hotbed of activity. There is actually someone there, staffing the office, every day of the week. Nice. Nicer still, it is not me. LOL

The sun is shining, it is 72 degrees, my lilac bush is leafing out, and it feels like we are really into spring now. Just in time for the temps to drop to the mid 50s and the rain to move in. Oh well. April showers bring May flowers and all that. Plus we need to get the sand and grime off the streets.

Tonight we'll go through the summer clothes and put away some of the winter ones. The boys all want shorts, but the problem is as soon as they have them, that's all they want to wear, whether or not the are appropriate for the weather. I know, they're excited. *sigh*

This is possibly the most boring post in the history of the world, so in an effort to liven it up a bit I am posting the painting I did for the boys' room. I am still looking for a CHEAP 24"x36" frame. There was nothing at the Salvation Army or Goodwill store this week but I'll keep an eye out. In the meantime, here it is:

The sun is Spencer's handprints, and the palm tree (get it? palm tree? LOL) is Garrett and Evan's handprints. Hey, I know it isn't a Picasso, but for cheesy art to hang in a kids' bedroom it's okay, no?


  1. It's beachin'! It's like...totally gnarly and radical dude! Good job!

  2. I love it! I once--ONCE--found a bunch of poster frames on 75% off at Target. I bought a few, just because I know I'll need huge frames at some point. Then I needed one---and discovered it was broken in the package where it didn't show. Sigh.