Thursday, April 24, 2008

A word to the wise

If you don't actually want decorating advice from me, don't ask. LOL My mother-in-law is contemplating a move. She lives in a spacious home with a *huge* yard and it has become too much of a chore to do all of the upkeep.

So she asked the kids to think about what she should do to spruce things up if she decides to put the house on the market. And Rob and I (but mostly I) sent her an email suggesting how to make the house more desirable.

It's a perfectly nice house. Built in the late 60s, has had several updates over the years, but some things are the same as I remember them from when I went over there in high school. Nothing a little spit & polish can't fix, I just don't know how my "helpful ideas" are going to be taken. LOL In my own defense, I *do* watch entirely too much HGTV, especially "Sell This House."

In other news, the memorial service was today and I am wiped out. I honestly didn't have to do that much work, but it was tiring. Glad it's over. I turn over the notes to the next Care Coordinator this weekend.

And last, Grey's Anatomy is back tonight. Oh, hallelujah! I have missed that lovely little show. It seems like it's been gone forever. (I still miss The West Wing more, but what can you do?Actually, I still miss Northern Exposure. And Murphy Brown. And -- dare I say it? -- yes, I miss L.A. Law. Pronounced LaLa in my little corner of the world, doncha know.) So now you totally know that cool is not really a word that could be rightly used to describe me. And still, you keep reading. *grin*


  1. I miss Northern Exposure too...

    My mother-in-law is apparently getting ready to sell her house too. She's needs to do SO MUCH to that house to make it desirable to anyone, but she thinks she only needs to repair the metal rail on the stairs and put the closet doors back on the closet. Oh honey--- you need to do A LOT more than that to fix that dump up.

  2. Northern Exposure was the best!

  3. Paint it all beige. Tell her to watch "Property Virgins" on HGTV and she'll find out how buyers look at older properties...good grief!

    Grey's was good, except for the weatherman who looked like a cross between Colbert and Dana Carvey...yammering because of tornadic activity. Which...yeah, that's important, it's worth breaking in for, but not three times in one hour to show off the fancy velocity indicator toy and yammer on about how tornadoes form and blah blah. I mean what more than "If you live in X county get your butt in the basement right now" do we need to cover really?? I called the station and complained about the yammering. So I'm not really cool either!

  4. I was a huge Northern Exposure fan...I have seasons 1,2,& 3 on dvd so far.