Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bar Open

Did I mention the cute little tropical-looking sign Rob bought for me a couple of weeks ago? Well, in keeping with the alcoholic theme I realized I had picked up a stemware rack at the dollar store last fall. We have some plastic wine glasses and margarita glasses in the camper and I thought if Rob could build me a simple box using the rack it would free up cupboard space while we were camped.

When I cleaned the camper a few weeks ago I pulled out the cocktail shaker we received as a gift years ago (haven't used it, partly because it looks like a penguin ... not sure why) and stuck it in the cupboard. (I have a rhubarb martini recipe from Jamie Oliver, so now I have a reason to use it.)

Inspiration struck yesterday afternoon, and I sketched a rough outline for Rob, asking if he could build me a cabinet to hold the glasses, the penguin, and our other drink accessories. Always eager to (in his own words) "sacrifice some wood," he agreed and set to work.

It is in pieces now, and ready to be painted. I can not wait to post pictures. Everybody will want to party at our camper. I guarantee it. Pictures later in the week, as soon as it's finished.

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