Thursday, May 22, 2008

Resting on my laurels

I am so sorry I haven't posted for a few days (I know a few of you out there have been jonesing for a new glimpse into my oh-so-exciting life LOL). But Internets! Look at the list of things I have accomplished (along with the help of my amazing husband and 3 darling children):

*cleaned my house so that I only have to deal with cleanup from camping Monday night, not cleaning house and camping stuff
*prepped veggies and meat for 2 meals at the campsite. I LOVE being ahead of schedule!
*baked 2 delicious loaves of banana bread
*cleaned out the spare bedroom so my mother-in-law has somewhere to sleep while she stays with us next week
*made menu plan and document indicating what items need to be packed in cooler and what goes with dry goods
*Mod Podged my little bar. I have 2 things to add today and I hope to post pictures tonight.
*cleaned the crap room. Yes, this is HUGE. I can see the floor again. Yay me.
*got a fab haircut from Carrie. More on this later, but she revealed something AMAZING to me: I have curly hair. Not corkscrews or anything, but -- ohmygoodness -- CURLS! Seriously. And the cuteness is ... shocking. Who knew?
*made a grocery list, procured groceries thanks to Rob, and got things put away so they can be quickly packed to go
*stopped at the library for this (his book The Know-It-All was a great read) and a few other things that caught my eye as well as some Magic Tree House books for Spencer, who is reading through them at a frantic pace.
*attended Garrett's first baseball game (which they won)
*volunteered at school

Garrett's class is starting the Family Life unit today (yes, that's THE class, people). I was writing blue and orange slips in the back of the classroom so I got to hear about the first half hour of the boys' talk on what they will be learning and the beginning of anatomical discussions. Poor 4th and 5th graders were so uncomfortable.

Rob updated my computer last night, so with luck I will not have the problem I've had all week -- for some reason my computer decides periodically that I am not allowed to visit Google, nor am I allowed to log in to Blogger. He added memory last night and (aside from changing the resolution so that everything looks wonky) he seems to have been successful in making the machine run better.

I am off to finish my Mod Podging and move a basket of laundry upstairs so I can put it away nad unload the dishwasher. Ahh, the glamour.

I will be back later tonight with a picture of the bar cabinet, but it may not be until after 10 because tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.

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