Thursday, June 19, 2008


Little Miss Lydia was born just before we moved back to Rochester. I was so excited about this little person coming into the world. Her mom and dad are terrific people who have become really good friends. We didn't know she was a girl until she arrived, so I was doubly excited that there was a little bundle of pink-ness waiting to meet me when we moved back to Rochester.

We were shopping several weeks ago for shoes for one of the boys at Target. They had a bunch of stuff on clearance and I spotted these sparkly pink beauties and I just had to buy them. Even though I have no one to wear them. Yes, I know I'm ridiculous. But I called Lydia's mom and got her shoe size and there was a pair that size there, and voila -- Miss Lydia has pink sparkly shoes for the low low price of $4.

The other day we visited them and Lydia was wearing some Teva-style sandals. Which she calls her sandcastles. I know! Too cute.
Her mom says the sandcastles and her pink sparkly shoes are vying for top honors in the category of Lydia's Favorite things right now.

And she sent pictures. So here, with parental consent, is Lydia in her pink sparkly shoes.

Now tell me, seriously. a) Could she be any cuter? and b) Did I get a great deal or what?

Thanks for the pix, Jen, and for letting me share them with the world.

I have to go clean something. The 'rents arrive in about 5 hours. So excited.


  1. Miss Lydia is still a darling! I can see the appeal of sparkly pink shoes. :) Hi Jen!!

  2. My friend Chloe, who is 4, says you can never have too many sparkles.
    I agree.

  3. She is totally adorable!!

    I've been absent from my blog stalking for sooo to try to catch up on yours!