Sunday, June 22, 2008


We had a great visit. Pedicures, a baseball game (or 3 if you count G and E's games), dinner at Famous Dave's ... Dad, Rob , Garrett and Spence made it to the car show. Evan had a stomach bug Thursday in the middle of the night and really didn't feel well for most of Friday. Luckily, no one else got sick and he was fully recovered Saturday.

We had a great dinner tonight ... tri tip and jumbo shrimp on the BBQ, steamed green beans, fruit salad, spinach and cranberry salad, Tastefully Simple Beer Bread, wine for the grownups and sparkling cider for the kids. We drank to my parents' 40 years of marriage and enjoyed every bite of the meal.

I got everybody in the back yard for some pictures ... here is a representative sample.

The SSP is done, as is another project that's been rolling around in my head and finally got started yesterday and finished today. Pictures tomorrow.

And in other news, I signed up for another Rolodex swap and the dang cards have to go in the mail Thursday because we have a lake weekend and some vacation coming up. Guess who hasn't started her cards? *sigh*

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