Thursday, June 05, 2008

Last day of school

Spencer graduated from kindergarten today. He is excited to be done with school and is downstairs playing the Wii uninterrupted by his brothers for the last time. They'll be home on the bus later and will commence (the 3 of them) cleaning their room and playroom.

Rob got home last night and issued the pronouncement today that they will clean their room tonight before baseball and all day tomorrow or the camping trip will be canceled.

So instead of a quiet day to myself tomorrow (which I richly deserve and was so looking forward to), I get to listen to them bicker and be the enforcer while Rob has a quiet day at the office.

I would plot revenge, but I am too damn tired. Ideas, anyone?


  1. Send all four boys on the richly deserved camping trip ALONE :)

  2. Cara, how I appreciate your devious mind!

    D's done this to me before. Declared they would not be able to watch TV or go out and play...this always has to be enforced when he is not home. Men surely suck sometimes.