Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I lost my kids today

Yeah. That's me -- Supermom. I went to help a friend this afternoon. Her son is graduating from high school and she wanted some help cleaning house. I left a little bit late and tried to call my neighbors, whose home is the backup plan if my kids get off the bus and I'm not home. I try to warn her when I'm going to be late and let her know I am at least on my way. There was no answer there, so I just came home and got in at 4:03. That's about 6 minutes after they get off the bus.

They were nowhere around. I grabbed the dog and walked up the street. The minivan was gone from the backup neighbors' driveway, and since they weren't answering the phone I walked past, checking with other neighbors. The kids were nowhere to be found.

I called the bus company to confirm they had been dropped off, thinking maybe I had told them I'd pick them up from school. The driver confirmed he let them all off the bus together.

It was 4:25. I went to the backup house just in case and rang the doorbell. Their teenage daughter answered the door and when she confirmed the boys were all there and were fine, I fell apart. I almost didn't realize how scared I was until I knew they were safe.

Teenage daughter apologized -- the phone must be off the hook, she guessed.

I guess I should apologize to her now for freaking out, but I was terrified. It was a long time ago, but all I could think of was Jacob Wetterling.

They are safe. All is well. I can breathe again. They are safe.


  1. I know how you feel about freaking out. The bus driver lost Bailey a couple years ago, and you talk about having a nervous breakdown. Remember Jennifer you are a wonderful Mother! Love you!

  2. That is an absolutely horrifically long time not to know where your children are. Apart from the problem with the phone, though, your backup plan worked just fine, so that's a good thing, right?

    Glad everyone is OK.

  3. There's something about those last few days of school. Forgotten lunches, missing children, missing husband.

    I hope you have a good friend you can share a cocktail with.

    Just remember: These are the days my friend!

    Le Temps des Fleurs


  4. how totally scary! I'm so glad they were safe. Don't apologize for falling apart on her...you so deserved that moment of letting it all out! ~lesfitz