Monday, June 02, 2008

Mommy guilt

We had a nice weekend. More on that later. Right now the Mommy guilt takes precedence.

Rob left *very early* this morning to fly to the East Coast, leaving the household in my capable hands. Or so he thought.

We got up and got everyone moving because Garrett had to be at school early for a day trip he was taking with his class. We stopped at the store for ice to fill the cooler we had promised to provide and bought the dreaded Lunchable he requested for his lunch.

Got to school, brought cooler to specified classroom, and I left. Ran an errand, swung back around to drop Evan off at the normal time, and Spence and I came home. My cell phone rang mere moments later and it was Garrett, who had forgotten his lunch in the car.

I hurried back to school with Spence and the dog only to find that the bus was gone.

My feelings right now don't even make sense.

I am frustrated with Garrett. How can you forget your lunch when it is right in front of you and you only bought it 5 minutes ago?

Why is it that I am supposed to rescue my kid every time he needs rescuing? Would he do this to me if I had a job? (I had a mom who worked full time. Such calls were not possible. Ever.)

Why do I feel so guilty that I didn't get there before the bus left? I tried. When the bus left was beyond my control. Still, the guilt....

What is it about food? Like, the kid will not starve. He has $5 that was supposed to be for fun stuff that now will have to buy food. Even if he didn't, he wouldn't starve missing one meal. But if I don't feed my kids, I feel guilty. Of course, I feel guilty buying them Lunchables, too, so why am I worried that he's not eating a Lunchable for lunch?

See what I mean? I am making no sense.

Plus there are ants in my kitchen.

Happy Monday. Pbbbbbbbbbbbbt.


  1. Totally understand about the guilt but he is old enough now to remember such things. As you said, he was at the store when it was purchased, it was right in front of him.

    Remember that it hurts us almost as much as it hurts them when they have to learn from their mistakes. But if having this experience teaches him responsibility and self-reliance, at the end of the day you will have done your job far better than by rescuing him.


  2. Also...Terro. But keep it away from Pippa.

  3. Can't help much on the lunch guilt. But wiping the kitchen down with regular white vinegar will get rid of ants.

  4. This is a good lesson for him and I assume he is still alive. You do an amazing job with those kids. :)