Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I think I love her

Jen Lancaster. Oh. My. God. One of the funniest, bitchiest, most spoiled, petulant, fashionable, brainiest, wittiest, most sarcastic and snarky people ON EARTH. She is all of my favorite things rolled into one. Seriously.

My friend Cara (who I would link to except her blog hasn't been updated since OCTOBER, people) told me she was reading Jen's latest book. I give you:

I know.

Turns out this is Jen's THIRD book, so my new must-have title is:

Her blog is terrific -- scroll down on the main page (the Croc heels? OMG! Seriously! I don't often wear heels, as my loyal reader LOL knows, but I want them) and you'll find a list of recommendations for summer reads and I am getting every single one from the library. Except Bright Lights ... because they don't have it. A scathing email of which Jen would be proud will soon be hurtling itself through cyberspace to land in the local public library.

And I now have a new vacation/retirement destination: Jennsylvania. With a fresh mani/pedi, a mojito in hand, some sparkly shoes and my lousy attitude I know I'll fit right in.


  1. Will have to check those out, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Perfect timing....I just finished my last literature class today and can finally read for FUN!!!!!!