Friday, July 18, 2008

If you are the praying type ...

one of my uncles could use some. He is a very fit guy, mid-fifties, has been health conscious all his life. He is married with a son in his 20s and a daughter in college.

He is currently in ICU and is battling a rare autoimmune disease. This is scary stuff, folks. They've started him on some meds and are hoping they will kick in within 48 hours. It may still be necessary for him to be transported to another hospital (possibly even Mayo). The kids have been called home and the rest of the family is preparing to travel if necessary.

We do not have a really close extended family, but my heart aches at the way his wife and kids must be feeling.

Any positive thoughts or prayers (to whom or whatever you are comfortable praying to) would be greatly appreciated.

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