Friday, July 18, 2008

Pickles, part trois

They are in the boiling water bath right now. Five pints. Perhaps not a grand total for the time required, but given the sort of iffy scent I've decided I can try them and make more if they're good.

Right now, I am a little afraid. I am taking comfort in the fact that I generally am afraid at this point in the canning business, regardless of what I am canning, so I'm trying to stay calm. Won't be able to try them until tomorrow at the earliest.

Rob and the boys left this morning for our hometown for a visit with both grandmas and Papa Dave. I am hoping to get some stuff done from that list ... if I get a few "have to"s accomplished (in the vernacular of Spence's preschool), then I will perhaps have time for some "want to"s. Like scrapbooking. And reading a Jen Lancaster novel. And watching hours on end of The Deadliest Catch.

First -- sewing. Yep, the curtain and valances for my bedroom. And maybe a slipcover. With luck, a couple of table skirts, too.

Wish me luck.

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