Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Live from Itasca State Park

I can't get cell phone reception here, but our campsite here at Itasca is part of a pilot program in which some sites have free wireless internet access. We are having a great week and we are, indeed, unplugged for the most part. We've been listening to CDs in the camper and playing games, hiking in the park, and generally enjoying ourselves. I LOVE this place. Rob took a picture of me at the table -- I just had a shower and these are my pj's -- sorry if TMI.

We took a lake cruise yesterday and saw this Great Blue Heron -- I am loving the 18x zoom on my camera!

And here is the lake with some wild rice along the shore.

The weekend at our friends' cabin was lovely. It rained all day Saturday, which was really only a disappointment because the kids wanted to be swimming, but Sunday was gorgeous and we got a ride in the boat, a chance to swim, and we were having so much fun we stayed a little late and didn't get to Itasca until 6 PM. We did end up with one of the non-reservable campsites (there were only 4 left) and we are here for the week. We are hoping my brother will join us Thursday.

The highlight of Saturday was Garrett's big catch -- a 3.5 pound largemouth bass. He caught it right off the dock with a lure called a Chatter Frog. The guy at Wal-Mart in Stillwater guaranteed the fish were hitting on them all over the state. Garrett was so proud -- and the fish tasted great.

The sun is setting, the boys have come in from their bicycle tag game, and the loons will be calling from the lake soon.

Good night.


  1. We're going there after Labor Day and staying in that Historic East cabin, so it's good to know about the wireless situation.

    I have always loved Itasca too.

  2. Looks like you had a nice relaxing time. I could never take a picture of the inside of my camper. It only takes a few hours before it looks like we've had a roll-over! Also, how did you find a campground with Internet?

  3. Yeah Garrett! I am still getting over a coat and long pants in JULY!!!

  4. Nice fish Garrett! Bobby went trout fishing, but they only got one between three poles...sad day for the men! :)