Friday, July 11, 2008

Thinking ahead

I haven't made a list in a while and lately I've been coming up with all kinds of ideas of stuff I want to accomplish this fall when all 3 of my kids will be in school full days (ah! the day I have dreamed of for so long! so why am I a little sad, too?)

It is humid out today but I decided I had procrastinated long enough and I finished the touch ups and the edges on the door frames ('cause I painted those, like, last October).

There are always home improvement projects underway around here, but we know there are some things that HAVE to be done because Rob anticipates the MBA stuff will continue to suck all of his spare time this winter (and, it turns out, it's sucking most of his Saturdays, too. blech).

- finish installing chain link fencing on north side of yard
- buy some annuals and put them in the big pots out front
- finish installing patio blocks
- pull out dying arbor vitae in front; replace with a new, healthy plant
- install a gate between house and garage (this may have to wait until next year because I want an arched gate to match our arbor)
- paint window of garage (because Rob replaced the window and left it white...)
- make curtain and 2 valances for our bedroom (how long has THAT been on the list? I know, I know...)
- find rods for living/dining room and make curtains (I think I found some online at IKEA)
- make slipcover for chair in scrap room
- make table skirts for scrap room
- empty genealogy closet; catalog, organize, enter data into computer
- purchase new genealogy software (I know what I want, but that $59 is not a NEED, so I keep putting it off)
- get chimney fixed (got an estimate yesterday: TWELVE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. Whatever.)
- paint hallway
- get photos for hallway border; get laminated. (again, since it's not a NEED, it just keeps getting put off)
- have Rob cut the molding we bought to frame the bathroom mirror; paint and install
- beat dog within an inch of her life because she was barking and got kenneled and now is frantically pawing at her kennel door (of course I'm not going to beat her, but we are definitely at odds right now...)

Honestly, it's not as bad as I thought. And the best part is I'm not obsessing about how quickly I can get it all done. All in good time, grasshopper....

Have a good weekend.

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