Monday, July 28, 2008

Updating the list

- finish installing chain link fencing on north side of yard
- buy some annuals and put them in the big pots out front

- finish installing patio blocks
- pull out dying arbor vitae in front; replace with a new, healthy plant
- install a gate between house and garage (this may have to wait until next year because I want an arched gate to match our arbor)
- paint window of garage (because Rob replaced the window and left it white...)
- make curtain and 2 valances for our bedroom (how long has THAT been on the list? I know, I know...)
- find rods for living/dining room and make curtains (I think I found some online at IKEA)
- make slipcover for chair in scrap room (started)
- make table skirts for scrap room
- empty genealogy closet; catalog, organize, enter data into computer
- purchase new genealogy software (I know what I want, but that $59 is not a NEED, so I keep putting it off)
- get chimney fixed (got an estimate yesterday: TWELVE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. Whatever.)
- paint hallway
- get photos for hallway border; get laminated. (again, since it's not a NEED, it just keeps getting put off)
- have Rob cut the molding we bought to frame the bathroom mirror; paint and install
- fill screw holes and paint rubber stamp shelf

(Bold is finished; updated 12/19/08.)

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  1. I feel lazy. The only thing I have done today is tell you about Steve and Barry's!