Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big plans

Yep, big plans for today. I am going to clean the carpet in my children's room and playroom. They are up there as we speak, tidying and picking up, making their beds and searching for every last tiny Lego.

In a while, I will go up and vacuum, then I'll fill the reservoir in the carpet cleaner and go upstairs to (I hope) rid the carpet of the residual, errrr, pet odors. Yep. Pippa, although I love her, is proving to be my nemesis in keeping a tidy house. Because she continues to like to make her mark on any pile of softness left on the floor. She is indiscriminate -- a bathrobe, a pile of dirty clothes, a comforter -- all and more have been the recipient of her unwanted advances.

She doesn't usually mar the actual carpet -- but the stuff soaks through. And although we clean it with a pet odor removal product that I really like, I still occasionally get a whiff of, well, of pee, when I walk past the open door to the upstairs.

Although, judging from the way my bathroom regularly looks, it could be the kids.

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