Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If I Twittered

I would be posting that my almost 85 year old grandmother who is increasingly forgetful (and, I fear, unstable) is driving me insane with her phone calls. The woman talks to me and immediately forgets we've spoken. She calls me and mere seconds later says she's glad I called her.

I am becoming more and more resentful of my father and his siblings, who are unwilling to do anything to force the situation to a head. Instead, they ignore her phone calls (taking full advantage of Caller ID) and leave me and my mother to try to deal compassionately with a woman who has shown little compassion to anyone in her life and who is more and more demanding and infantile daily.

I love my grandma, but this is not my job. My day will come -- and I swear on all that is good and holy I am telling my dad exactly what he'll be doing and I'm not taking any of his crap.

Apparently this is boot camp for when my parents reach their dotage. Trouble is, I'll be reaching mine first if somebody doesn't do something about grandma.


  1. You poor thing. This must be the week for family issues.

    If you need to vent you know where to find mine. I promise to not take advantage of caller ID.

  2. I mean you know where to find me. I always hate it when I make a mistake on blog comments.

  3. Oh man. Did you tell your dad this? Will he see this post?

    Mr. V...you need to do right by your mother. I know it's hard, and frustrating to watch someone who used to care for you not be able to care for herself, but once long ago she wiped your butt and your nose, fixed your scraped knees up and found your backpack and helped you with your homework. This is what you need to do NOW because she did that for you then.

    C'mon Mr. V...you can't have such a great daughter without some strength of character of your own...stand up and take care of your mom WHILE YOU CAN. Trust me, I live with the guilt and sadness of "too little, too late" and it's no good. It might be the hardest thing you ever did to draw that line in the sand for your mom, but believe me when I tell you, you will be glad you did.


  4. Going through the exact same thing right now, actually.