Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today I have ....

* finished the ribbon tiebacks for my bedroom curtains
* admired Rob's handiwork of last night; he hung a matchstick shade in the bathroom and shortened it from 72" to a reasonable length. It looks nice!
* gone through my closet and purged some things that are just too old or too big (!)
* vacuumed the hallway and my bedroom
* cleaned the kitchen
* made a phone call I've been putting off
* called the vet to get an appointment for Pippa (she's due for shots ... bad pet mama)
* arranged child care so that I can have my manicure/pedicure tomorrow sans kids
* paid some bills so they're ready to deliver/mail tomorrow
* figured out what's for dinner
* taken down a bedroom curtain so I can measure for the other bedroom curtain
* watered plants
* downloaded the pet forms so Pippa can go to the Renaissance Festival with us
* made a list of all the stuff I need to get done tomorrow before my mani/pedi
* moved clean laundry upstairs to be put away
* put another load into the washer
* clean the dog's kennel/wash her bedding
* put away my clothes
* made lunch and dinner
* put the sheets from the guest bedroom in the wash
* did a little cleaning in the spare bedroom

And I am getting ready to ...

* clean the remaining stuff off my desk
* clear stuff off my scrapping tables
* touch up some spots on the garage. We had a wind chime for a while that tore up the stain, so it needs a little TLC. (oops, it's raining. Maybe later.)

Rob and I are going to the Cities tomorrow afternoon. He has to pick up his books for this semester and then there is a BBQ for students and guests. We will stay overnight at a hotel and do a little school clothes shopping for the kids before coming home. The kids will be at Rob's brother's house and are looking forward to playing Rock Band.

The kids are outside riding their bikes around the "flat block." (Our street is just steep enough to make it a challenge and we don't live on a regular block, so they go one block south of us to ride.) LOL

I just love days when I feel so productive!


  1. We went to the zoo. You want my ren dress?

  2. For the Love of God Woman!
    Can you come to my home and teach me how to be like that?

  3. You did more in one day than I've done all summer. You win.