Friday, September 12, 2008

A new lease on life

In preparation for my evening out with Rob (he has a reception/dinner for school tonight) I got my hair cut. I came home and colored it myself and I am happy with it.

Best part? It was $25. For the cut and the tip, plus the box of Miss Clairol.

I love a bargain.


  1. Looks good! You are brave to color yourself...I don't think I could do it.

    Then again, outside of taking a blue sharpie* to strands of hair, I've never colored my hair. Thought about highlights though.

    *I was 20 when this happened, I did it to myself while stone sober - it works really well on blonde hair, lasts 4 days to a week. You can do a really temp job with Crayolas for Halloween or a sporting event, washes right out.

  2. I love the hair! The back is super cute! I can't believe how long it is!

    Great talking to you today. Finally.

    Sue Nash...Sue Nash...Sue Nash...

  3. Very cute. The back of my hair is similar.