Sunday, September 14, 2008

New toy

We picked this up today. I know I said I wanted a pink one (see number 7), but I didn't like the shade of pink available in this model.

So this is it. It's squarish rather than roundish, but it feels good in my hand AND it fits in the charging base in my van so it was deemed acceptable. It has text capability but just the standard keypad with numbers/letters instead of a keyboard. I don't even have texting enabled in my account. Keypad lights up red instead of blue but the little jewel-y things in between the keys are shiny, and I like shiny. It does have a camera, but there's nothing that says I actually have to use it, right? It is capable of web browsing, but again, we didn't activate that because I don't need it.

And it has some fun extras: it is an MP3 player, so we have a memory card on order and I'll be able to load songs on it (and create ring tones from songs). It came with headphones and a microphone so I am able to go hands-free without any additional purchase, it has some fitness applications (a pedometer, a stopwatch, and a training record of some sort that I need to look at further). If you think the fitness applications are something I don't need, well, you're probably right -- but Rob and I do hope to get to the Y a few times a week at lunch, so I am hoping the new toy will be a little extra motivation for me. It also has light effects that can be tailored to individual callers -- right now mine is set to "Disco" and it switches from blue to green to purple and even pink.

So I am a happy camper. I got 50 free downloads from as well. Trouble is, I am having a hard time finding songs I want there. Not much selection. I found 9 tonight but I only have 2 weeks to use up the 50 and cancel the membership before they bill me, so if you have suggestions for me, let me know.

I am diving into the volunteer thing this week -- some half days at the DFL, and at school too.

And did I mention that I finished the remaining curtain for my bedroom? It only took me a year ....

And if you are the praying type, I have a couple of friends who could really use them right now. K has just been diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer (hence my recurrence post recently), and J found out last week that her husband of almost 13 years has had multiple affairs and wants a divorce. She and her kids have moved cities and schools and they all have a lot of emotional stuff to get through. I know she would appreciate any kind thoughts sent her way.

Thanks. Have a good week.


  1. Cool phone!

    Without knowing what they have and without knowing what you selected...

    Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off (country but still sooo appropriate, no?)
    Springsteen (duh)
    Buble's Sway
    Blind Melon doing 3 is a Magic Number
    The Shoop Shoop song (I like Cher's)
    Grateful Dead I Will Get By
    INXS Suicide Blond
    Queen Fat Bottomed Girls
    Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al
    Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    The Linus and Lucy piano theme from Peanuts specials (had that in my wedding joke!)
    Barenaked Ladies If I Had a Million Dollars
    Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb (great cool down for those workouts)
    Brad Paisley I'm Still A Guy
    Her Favorite Color is Chrome
    Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride

    Gee...eclectic much? Lemme know if you use any of them!

  2. More more...

    Simon and Garfunkle Cecelia
    Bob Gibson Still Gonna Die
    Norman Greenbom Spirit in the Sky
    Sing Sing Sing (Swing Swing Swing)
    Rockappela Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
    Buffalo Springfiled FWIW
    J Geils Centerfold
    Patsy Cline Walking After Midnight
    Brown Eyed Girl
    Nylons Silhouette
    Queen Somebody to Love