Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend wrapup

Last night's dinner conversation was enlightening to say the least. We started talking about AWANA and it turns out the boys were not as enthralled with it as they were earlier. I think the "sin" talk in particular had them thinking about it.

Rob took the lead (will wonders never cease?) and, in a moment of sheer genius, summed up what is for him the pivotal difference between our church and the Christian church in general. In his words, the other churches are concerned with making sure you don't do stuff you shouldn't do; we concentrate on doing the things we should do. (I know. He rocks!) So we went on to discuss things like helping people who don't have enough to eat by bringing our "Give a Meal a Month" bag to church with items for the food shelf and helping people register to vote, which I will be doing one day next week. We talked about the Interfaith Hospitality Network our church is a part of, and the other ministries members of our congregation contribute to.

It was a great talk and in the end we all agreed that it would be fun to visit AWANA sometimes with the friends but that every week was probably more than any of us were willing to commit to.

Thank you for your responses, those left in the comments, on other blogs, and sent to my email. I am proud to have such sensible, caring and truly kind friends.

We went to church today and Garrett and I went to the DFL to clean for a bit afterwards. He vacuumed and put together Obama-Biden signs as well as trotting out to the dumpster several times for me. I cleaned the bathrooms (oh, the glamour of my life!), emptied the fridge of the more questionable contents, and did some general tidying. While we were gone Evan and Rob changed the oil on the PT Cruiser and when we got home they worked on the van.

The camper was brought out to storage today, and the batik hangings depicting the seasons in our sanctuary were rotated. The Autumn one, with its warm gold and rich burgundy hues, is front and center now, with the Winter one close by, ready to move one step to the right in its journey around the sanctuary. I an always sad to note these things; they are more steps in acknowledging that the misery of winter is fast approaching. I do not at all look forward to any of it.

So ends one more weekend in the school schedule. It seems that is what I am really marking as we move through the fall. This week is quieter for me, with an unexpected trip to the jewelry store; on the way to church this morning I discovered that the amethyst in my wedding ring is gone. I am not as sad about this as you might think; it was a replacement for the original stone which was lost years ago, and I was never particularly happy with the color (it was far too pale for my taste). Unfortunately this one will not be covered by the warranty, so that is less pleasant, but since it's about .10 carat it shouldn't be too bad. (Forgive the lousy photo, it was the best of about 8 attempts.)

Have a good week, everyone.


  1. Ooooh...manly men doing manly things! I didn't know people with cars post 19something even worked on them anymore!

    I think you need to hang a sign at the DFL that says "Somebody's mother works here, but she's not yours (so pick up your crap already people)!"

  2. Oh, and good on you guys for sorting out the AWANA stuff, and for the boys coming to it on their own.