Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The race is heating up!

And the office was abuzz with activity all day -- phone bankers making calls, people doing data entry on computers, the phone ringing off the hook, and a press conference for a guy I am so proud to be helping. Tim Walz was elected to Congress 2 years ago. He beat a 6-term Republican incumbent who had the nerve to use the slogan "Our Representative" when he voted with the Republicans the vast majority of the time. Not representing ME, thankyouverymuch.

Congressman Walz served in the Army National Guard and attained the rank of Command Sergeant Major. He served in Italy supporting the troops during Operation Enduring Freedom. In his civilian life he was a teacher. This guy has worked tirelessly to increase VA funding and to raise the mileage reimbursement rate for rural veterans traveling to VA Medical Centers for care. Plus he is just a decent guy.

His friend and fellow Congressman Chet Edwards was there, too. He's a Democrat from Crawford, Texas. His speech was terrific, giving Tim credit for his hard work and dedication.

The press conference ended and the office was swamped with people wanting signs, bumper stickers, and buttons. The phone is ringing off the hook because it was announced that Michelle Obama will be in the state Monday. Amazing how many people think the volunteer who answers the phones is privy to the Senator's wife's schedule. LOL So, no, I do not know if she is coming to Rochester, and yes, you will hear about it right away because they will issue a press release as soon as they firm everything up. And NO, we will NOT have any trouble drawing a crowd even if it's last minute -- it's Michelle Obama, for pete's sake!

Twenty-seven days.

This is an historic race. Regardless of who wins, it will change the world. I can't speak for the Republicans, but I know the Democrats need your help. We need doorknockers, and lit-droppers, and phone bankers. We need people to work the Get Out The Vote efforts, especially the week before the election. If you believe in a candidate, any candidate, I encourage you to get out there and get to work. Regardless of party affiliation, we all benefit when more of us take an active role in our governing process. You CAN make a difference. I know. I see it every day.

Twenty-seven days. Make the most of them, please.


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  2. Awesome post. Good to hear there were a lot of people there. Tim has worked really hard for vets. One suggestion, though: Congressman Walz was deployed to Italy in support of troops fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He didn't serve in Iraq. Thanks.

    Ollie Ox (Sally Jo)

  3. P.S. Added your blog to Bluestem's MN-01 progressive blogroll.

  4. Sally Jo, I stand corrected. Thanks. And thanks for adding me to the blogroll, although this is much more a mommy blog than a political one.

  5. I am so glad to see you posting about politics again!

    You have great insight and it needs to be shared!

  6. We've grown to appreciate mommy blogging keenly by watching VJ grow up at Power Liberal.

  7. Great post Jennifer. Did you see any clips from the man in Indy yesterday. This state might be blue. Could I be that lucky???? In an case, we are players and from my perspective--that is awesome.

    I still wish Evan was running. :(