Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Quick post

* today began week 3 of consistent workouts at the gym. Not feeling any different, but it feels good to be committed to it.

* debate watching party at the Marriott was fun. Lots of specifics from Obama, a couple of really exciting moments where he was particularly effective. Always fun to watch those with "my people." LOL

* "My people" are a rich and varied group. The Democrats at that party included lots of the party faithful, whom I already know or recognize, and LOTS of new people. People of every age and stripe. Some *ahem* interesting wardrobe choices, young people, and a room full of people who looked like the people in my city. It was really a cross section. That has not always been the case, and it's exciting. So many people new to the political process who are feeling energized and hopeful. Now I hope they join us in canvassing and GOTV. Andy Welti had everybody excited and happy at the end. He is such a great guy.

* Between the painting today and my brilliant idea to up the weight on several of the machines today I am beat. So why am I still sitting here? LOL Good night.


  1. I'm pleased with tonight's debate. Very pleased with with the outcome. I felt Obama was very effective.

    Sweet dreams!

  2. Welti's a good guy. Glad you had fun, wish I could have joined you and been all dazzled by the local celebrities!

  3. Tell me when you work out. We can be gym buddies!