Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mysterious Italian stranger...

I am on a couple of those "social networking" sites -- you know, like Twitter and Facebook and MySpace. I joined mostly because of peer pressure but I find that I do check in periodically and I think they are a good thing, so far, anyway.

The other day I was contacted by someone on one of those sites who I do not know. The photo was of a dark haired guy, not too close up but one of those portraits that make a guy look dark, handsome and intriguing. He was from Italy, and seeing as I know very few people from Italy, I chose not to respond. (Although I must admit, I did think it might not be such a bad idea to count a beautiful Italian stranger among my friends and acquaintances).

Imagine my surprise (and the feelings of stupidity) when I realized this guy is the boyfriend of our Italian exchange student, who stayed with us in 1999-2000.



  1. There goes the lovely mystery. Darn! :-)

  2. Don't feel stupid. I have had some of my high school friends ask me to be their friends and I don't recognize them.

  3. Cool that you could reconnect!

  4. See, now I would have thought it was all sexy and mysterious, like my own little Harlequin Romance....and would have felt even more stupid after I found out who it was. lol!!