Monday, October 27, 2008


I am discouraged today. I have mentioned that some of my friends are going through rough patches right now. One is heading for a divorce, one is dealing with a recurrence of cancer, another is dealing with the diagnosis and chemo of a not-quite-2-year-old. There is very little I can do for any of these people.

I just have to say that I am amazed by the strength, courage and goodness they show the world every day.

And, on the other side of the coin, I am flummoxed as to how someone can be so deceptive, so uncaring, so thoroughly selfish that they lose sight of what is the best thing for their child.
How a parent can put his or her needs above those of their children.
How punishing a spouse (or ex-spouse) becomes more important than making sure the kids have a good relationship with both of their parents.
How teaching a child that dealing with people from a place of anger is the right thing.
How a parent who truly has the best interests of the child at heart can be made into the bad guy.
How someone can delude themselves into thinking that their clearly erratic, immoral and selfish behavior is somehow justified in the fantasy world they have created for themselves.

How a family and friends can hurt so badly for someone and still be utterly powerless to change the situation or make any difference in it at all.


  1. (I sincerely hope she's reading this)

    This happens because that person? That person is immature and selfish and she really really sucks.

    (Please write to my pastor, feel free to inform him of my lack of Christian charity - I go to St. Mary of Nazareth Church in Des Moines, IA)

  2. I am actually describing multiple people there, male and female. Amazing that such delusion isn't just happening in one family, but many. I am so sad for all of them.

  3. Oh. Bummer (that it's happening, not that it's not just her).

    But yeah, I guess I can see what you're saying.

  4. We all struggle with this....and it never gets easier. Do what you know how to do. Pray and support those folks. They know you care.

  5. There is power in prayer...not that you don't already know this. But I agree that it is frustrating being helpless about a situation that is clearly benefiting the selfish person with their head up their butt.

    While our own character is being tested and built up by these circumstances, most of us come out better people. But those with their heads up their butts? Yeah....when all is said and done they end up with a face covered in crap. lol! Be patient. In God's timing all is perfect!