Sunday, November 23, 2008

Delicious fabric

I saw this red fabric awhile ago and fell in love with it. Trouble is, it doesn't really "go" in my house. I don't have any red; the kitchen has a wine and grape sort of theme but it's in taupe and olive, no red. The dining room and the living room are one large room and I guess it would work as a table runner but it's pretty vibrant, and I like that area of the house to be a little more muted and calm feeling. (Around here, you do what you can to create calm. It doesn't occur naturally.)

So I left the fabric at the store.


My wonderful friend Teresa sent me a gift. It's a sewing book, which I shall review at a later date. But the thing is chock full of amazing ideas, tips and tricks, and cool projects, complete with patterns. It is AWESOME.

And in the pages of that bright little book is the cutest apron you will ever see. Except, perhaps, for the one that I will be making with these 3 fabrics.

Bright? Yes. Bold? Yes. Slightly obnoxious, even? Well, yes.

But isn't that a perfect description of me?

I thought so, too.

No promises about when it will be done. I have some curtains to make, some polar fleece hats, and a really cute pincushion from the aforementioned book, so I have plenty to keep me busy, but this one looks like fun so I am hoping to get through the "have to"s and move to the "want to"s sometime soon.


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Eh, I say go the "want to"s first. That's the way I do it . . . but then again, I'm not as focused as you are. LOL

  2. that fabric is pretty! I love the bold look of it.

  3. I love the fabric and I am glad that you love the book. Your creativeness makes me jealous!

  4. I'm pretty much to the point where I've decided the "want tos" are getting priority.

    Cleaning the kids' rooms and leaving my own a mess is doing nothing for my sanity.

  5. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I bought something very similar to that at my favorite fabric online store called

    They have a fabulous selection and they always seem to have a sale going on.

    If you want to have a look click this link (sorry if it doesn't work.......computers are not my specialty)

    Thanks, Lanny