Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gift giving

I posted a piece last year that had one solution to the excessive gift giving that some of us struggle with every year. I still don't know the author but I'm linking to it again in the hopes that someone out there knows who wrote it and to give frazzled, budget-conscious parents some ideas.

Children Receive Five Gifts

As I think about the gifts we've purchased this year for our boys, we are giving more this year but most of the categories are still covered. When they are small it's easier to do; as they get older and have more specific wants (and more expensive wants) it's more of a challenge. It's still a piece I like to revisit each year because it does help me focus my shopping list.


And if you wouldn't mind, my mom could use your good thoughts and prayers. Today is a day that she has been dreading, and a wish for a calm day and a positive outcome would be most welcome. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Hugs for your mom! :hug:

  2. Hope everything turns out well for your mom.

    I told Michael that Santa had to lay off some elves this year because the economy was so bad so there just aren't as many presents. I might burn in hell for lying; but it will get me through this Christmas.

  3. Teresa, I'm not sure that's a lie. Hopefully they got a good cookie severance package though!

    Hope Mom made it through the day.