Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This post is garbage

It is. Today I had finally had enough of our crapass garbage company. We don't have municipal waste pickup or recycling -- it is all done by independent companies. Four of them. Which means that every Tuesday, my neighborhood is filled from dusk to dawn with giant, lumbering, rumbling trucks. I hate it.

In the past our recycling has been left on the curb instead of recycled because it has been improperly sorted. We do our best to keep plastic, tin, aluminum, and glass separated-- honest we do. It takes an extra 10 minutes or so every week to sort it all and this morning Rob did it alone and it was COLD out. Like 15 degrees cold.

This afternoon I realized that the main recycling container had been emptied but a cardboard box sitting next to the recyclables had been left. The box was full of cardboard and newspapers. A long box that had held my new curtain rods had been wedged between the containers by Rob so it wouldn't blow away. When they took the recyclables they left the curtain rod box, too, so it had blown into the middle of the street.

I called them and was informed that they had not picked it up because it wasn't properly sorted and I LOST it. We deal with this regularly, and I recycle LOTS of stuff. More than most of my neighbors, more than almost everyone here. We got into the habit in California, where you can recycle almost anything. I can't have my recycling NOT picked up for a week; I don't have room in the tub for what I recycle in ONE week, let alone two. So I told her to cancel my service effective immediately.

I called another company and it turns out they don't require sorting AT ALL. Plus they'll give me a free month of service because I am switching companies. And they said that they heard regularly from Sunshine customers who were sick and tired of the sorting pickiness, among other things.

So if you're in Rochester or are moving to Rochester, you need to avoid Sunshine Sanitation. They are NOT sunshiney. They are a pain in the royal ass. They are picky and ridiculous and they just plain suck.

And I only posted the link there so if they have someone who looks at the statistics they will see that people are coming to their site from here. And then they will see that I hate them. And that will make me have a sunshiney day. So please click on the link above, but I beg you -- don't order service from them. They are the black hole of residential waste disposal. And you can quote me on that.

P.S. When they came to pick up the garbage for the last time (because they use 2 trucks and come at 2 different times), they took the cardboard and newspapers. So much for recycling.


  1. Oh gosh! You had to SORT? Yeah, that would not go over well here. No sorting for us.

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I'm horrible. I don't even know how to recycle in the county. When I lived in the city we had a container, but now, I'm not sure how it's done.

    We do recycle paper and cardboard though, through the dumpsters at the schools. That's a relief, because we go through a lot of paper!

  3. "They are NOT sunshiney".

    our garbage people are okay, but wow! that sucks

  4. I was surprised that you used them since they came from another town to get your stuff. You will be better off with your new one...I assume you have the one pass company now? Not Onyx but the other?

    We have no garbage option here, our city is contracted out of DSM. We have to sort, but they give us 2 bins, so that makes it a little easier (paper stuff in one, other stuff in the other) but we can only off load 4 boxes at a time unless we haul it to the central station a few miles away (not that big of a deal). The benefit of this is that we pay a whopping $7/month for the service. I'll sort for that kind of savings over Roch prices!

    And Lesle - Don't know where you live, but when we were in the country, we could take it all to the dump. They had large sorting bins - just pull up and drop off. Yard waste and regular trash too. You might check with your county.