Saturday, December 06, 2008

A new day

Funny how life always looks better in the morning, isn't it? We are working on it. He is grounded from TV, Wii, and computer indefinitely. (Not that this has made any difference for the last 8 weeks ....)

We have a band concert later today. (Did I mention that yesterday was also the day he lost his mouthpiece for his French Horn? The day before the concert, which is a large portion of his grade?) When I dumped out the backpack into the sink the mouthpiece was discovered (thereby saving me $49.95 plus tax at the music store. Yes, I had called them in a panic. Who knew? They have those mouthpieces in stock.)

He has one page of Math left to finish. I hope to have Social Studies and Science finished tomorrow (except for the thing which needs to be discussed with the teacher, who has been gone for 2 days and who, previous to that, "didn't have time" to talk to him about it). Excuse me? Your job title is teacher.

Two more weeks of school *should* be time to complete the remaining stuff: Language Arts. This is a struggle for my kid. I cannot relate. Trying to find patience so that I can help him. Pray for me.

I am now off to dye my hair and wait for the Freecycle guy who wants me to call him (on a North Carolina area code number). I emailed him and said, either take some initiative and call me or forget it. Be here by 10:30. Ugh.


  1. (((Jennifer)))

    He'll get there. He's just not finished yet. Prayers for you both. (And possibly for the unsuspecting teacher...he's not gonna know what hit him! BWAH!)

  2. Hi Jennifer-

    Got your email, yes, I'd be willing to help and I'd also be willing to share some photos.

    My email is misterbell1987 at yahoo dot com.

    (I spelled it out to fool the email's just like everybody else's. Don't use the google mail attached to this identity, I almost never check it.)

    Don't worry too much about the organizational problems...he'll find his way and you can't do it for him (trust me, I know.)



  3. I too have a kiddo with some serious organizational issues. We are realizing that her little brain just doesn't work like the rest of us and she has a touch of the Asperger's Disorder. What seems so obvious to us (e.g. don't leave school without your coat on! It's freezin outside!) just doesn't always cross her radar. Somehow, the fact that she has a diagnosis has helped me deal with her chaos a little better. Best of luck. I feel your pain!