Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We are back from the funeral. It was all very nice. I ended up reading my previous entry at the family service and the funeral. Since I am a niece by marriage, I thought it was very kind of the family to ask me to speak.

The funny thing about funerals is that they are like a sad family reunion. Well, a little sad. But pretty soon someone brings the Old Mil and the PBR out because that's what Marv liked, and then certain nieces who shall remain nameless start drinking wine, and pretty soon everyone is laughing and telling stories and eating hotdish and teasing certain nephews (who again, shall remain nameless) because they can't eat anything unless it's drenched in Tabasco sauce.

Or maybe that's just my family. LOL At any rate, it was fun, mostly.

I spent today cleaning up my crap room and tomorrow I hope to actually scrap something. I know. Shocking.


  1. From your description of Marvin, I have the feeling he'd have preferred a party with beer, Tabasco and laughter than a bunch of boo hoo at the church. At least, if he's like my own uncles (and I think he sure is) he would.


    Glad you're home.

  2. You posted a wonderful memory of Marvin, I'm glad you were able to share it at the funeral. :hug:

  3. I'm sorry for your loss, but most funerals turn into some kind of celebration about that persons life. God Bless
    Stacy O