Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm in the doldrums

Most everybody has a low spot in their year -- a time of year where they feel less energetic, less enthusiastic, less ... everything. My sister-in-law feels it in July, August and September, when it's hot and muggy and she is miserable.

For me, it's January. It's been bitter cold all across the country, even down into Texas and Florida. But the windchills here were down around -40 last week. Today is supposed to be our first day of above zero weather in 3 or 4 days.

The kids had school canceled Thursday and Friday, and I was actually glad about that. We have relaxed, they played too much Wii, and we watched Guys & Dolls Thursday night and The Right Stuff yesterday. Speaking of which, that freakin' movie is 3 hours and 13 minutes long. And the run time was conveniently cut off the jacket by some helpful soul at the library -- I looked for it but couldn't find it. Next time I'll consult IMDB.For the record there was a wacky scene with a feather dancer in Houston interspersed with Chuck Yeager doing some illegal flying that was completely unnecessary. Didn't move the plot forward, didn't do anything but bore me to tears. And why is Yeager so dang unlikeable anyway? I wonder what he thought of the movie.

Anyway, we (meaning my 3 very energetic boys and I) are in Day 3 of being at home. We'll run out for a bit to get a few groceries today and we will wait eagerly for Rob to get home from class tonight. The boys are doing fine but I know it's hard for them to be trapped in the house for days on end.

I have come to expect this low point ... I'm not sad, not miserable by any means, just low. So I'll sit in front of my light in the morning and do my crossword puzzle, I'll watch the inauguration on Tuesday with a sense of hope and optimism unseen by me in many a year, and I'll wait for the sun -- and spring -- to come.


  1. Hi i feel your pain about Jan. I hate this month, March too. The clouds are grey, dreary. Cant kick the kids out to play. Too cold to take a breath. YUCK... But Tuesday will be fabulous and i can't Wait!! Maybe it will lighten my mood :)
    Stacy O

  2. Spring is coming, and when it gets there, it will all be worth it. Hang in there.

  3. The best part about winter, outside of Christmas, is that it ends.

    The best part about spring is that it comes. And it brings sugar coated marshmallow chickens and jellybeans with it!

    Did I mention that we had the cold day out on Thurs and we were planned out on Friday and Monday as well? FIVE days of this nonsense? Oh my yes. Someone hates me.

    We did get out today though, went to the Lego thing and had lunch at the world's best BBQ and ice cream place. And M sold 19 boxes of cookies in one fell swoop.

    Be happy...behind the clouds the sun is shining.

  4. I LOVE The Right Stuff. And I loved Chuck in the movie too. Weird huh? Different interpretations of the same movie? LOL

    Hang in there chica, just a bit longer and things will start warming up! :hug:

  5. When I come next month, we can listen to the All Bruce All of the Time station on my satellite radio!!