Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am so excited about this project ...

I never quite know how a concept is going to work. Sometimes the idea is great but for whatever reason I need to alter it as I go along. That's what happened with my Disney album that was going to be done in crayon colors -- red, blue, yellow, etc. Turned out that what really worked for me was brights that weren't true crayon colors, but weren't pastels either. Once I decided that was what worked it went fine.

This album is truly very simple -- I am not a glitter girl, or one who uses a lot of buttons or metal embellishments, and people who see my albums almost always comment that what really shines in them is the photos. (That's what I want, folks.)

So far it is going along according to plan and I am really pleased with it. So pleased I couldn't resist sharing just one little picture.

I am wearing red today and I think my sweater reflected off the ivory and gave it a bit of a pink cast. Rest assured it is ivory and the book is so doggone cute I almost wish it was ME having a baby.


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