Thursday, February 12, 2009

Minnesota nice, my ass.

I ran to the Goodwill this afternoon. I keep a little bin in the laundry room and I toss in things that Spencer has outgrown as I'm folding laundry. (He has a hard time letting go of clothes, no matter how small.)

So I didn't have a lot but I wanted to get rid of it, as I am in this nesting/cleaning/organizing/tidying/purging phase.

I drove up to the tall garage door at the back of our fancy new Goodwill. There was a car parked in front of me.

I have never had to wait more than a few seconds for the door to open, but there was a big trailer pulled up to the loading dock so I thought maybe they were extra busy. I made a couple of phone calls and decided to call the Goodwill to find out why there was such a wait. (By that time I had been there 15 minutes.)

I had not honked or been otherwise rude because there is a sign near the door that says, among other things, "PLEASE be patient" and I am so very short in supply of patience on any given day I decided to really try to be patient.

When I got a human at the Goodwill on the phone, I inquired as to why I had been sitting there, with a line of cars now behind me.

His response? "Is the car in front of you pulled up all the way so it triggers the door?"

I got out and told the VERY young woman (I estimate 12) in the car in front of me that she needed to pull up. Of course, still in the spirit of "Minnesota Nice,"I refrained from adding that she should probably hang up her freakin' cell phone and pay attention to the toddler in the back seat.

And yes, I think she was an idiot but OH MY GOODNESS, instead of 12 signs asking for patience, how about they put up ONE that tells you how far you have to pull forward to trigger the sensor?



  1. No kidding, that is what I call redonkulous!

  2. Yeah that would chap my ass.

  3. I have never grasped "Minnesota Nice" until I came up last Nov. and the Kwik Trip lady let me use her car scraper to deal with the snow I was unprepared for (yeah yeah...went to MN, should expect snow).

    But all the time I lived there I was utterly mystified by "Minnesota Nice" because I never saw it.

    However, in the immortal words of Meredith Wilson..."you really ought to give Iowa a try." :)