Friday, April 03, 2009

Somebody stop me!

From signing up for anything else, that is.

I don't know if it's me having a creative burst right now or just that other people are having one and I am going along for the ride. Either way I have signed up for a lot of stuff while Rob's been gone.

I mentioned Kristi's photo hunt the other night. I am really looking forward to capturing some images of special things in Rochester, playing with the manual settings on my camera, and possibly trying a little Photoshop manipulation with them.

I also signed up for a Circle Journal. I have wanted to do one for quite a while and finally found a group to join. Totally excited about stretching myself creatively.

And there's a little Facebook thing going on right now where if you sign up, a friend will make you a handmade gift. All you have to do is pay it forward to 5 more people and make them something. My awesome friend Ann posted this and I could not resist having a little piece of her artwork, no matter what it is, in my home.

In addition I have a small custom album I am doing for a woman from church and I have a couple of minor details I need to wrap up on Julia's album (slide show down and to the right).

So, yeah -- lots of stuff going on, but it is fun and right now it's keeping me distracted from the fact that my husband is still gone. He texted me tonight (it's Saturday morning there) and he was heading out for dim sum with the Chinese members of his international team. It's the only day of the trip where they are not scheduled for anything school related so they were planning to go sightseeing and perhaps shop for some souvenirs. Rob already got a train for Spencer and he's looking for some jade for Garrett's rock collection. He wasn't sure what he was going to get for Evan. As for me, I'd like to add to MY rock collection, too, but I am doubtful that will happen. LOL

We are on the downhill slide of this trip. So far it's been fine, even though it has not gone according to plan at all. The forecast for tomorrow night and Sunday is snow and while I am not looking forward to it, I know it won't last long and soon my husband will be home and spring will arrive.

For now, I need to get back to my home improvement project. *Sigh* Will I never learn?

Apparently not.

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  1. need to stop!! No more signing up until you're done with all those things! :)