Sunday, April 05, 2009

Update from China

Rob has a classmate who has had a blog about the MBA class over the last 2 years. He has a couple of updates on the trip to China, here and here.

My thanks to him for all of the facts -- the numbers he talks about are beyond imagining for me.

The group went to Guangzhou on Friday, as he says in the blog. This morning they arived in Hong Kong for the last leg of the adventure before coming home.

We Skyped Rob this morning (it was Sunday night his time) and he was tired but had enjoyed the weekend and some free time. Monday and Tuesday are mostly meetings with a little free time mixed in, and Wednesday morning (our Tuesday afternoon) they will depart Hong Kong for Tokyo and then home.

We didn't get any snow, my stealth home improvement project is mostly finished, my house is slowly being put back together, the boys are cleaning their room and playroom, and I am happy to say it's just 2 more days and a wakeup. Wooot!


  1. Thanks for posting the link for the China trip, I found that blog facinating. I wish I can do 1% of what you do with the house, with or without the husband around.

  2. I still have photos piled in my crap room that will be there until baseball is over. You really get a lot done! Hope Rob is enjoying China and has a safe trip home.

  3. We got snow. It fell in great gloppy splats. Mush and muck, but fortunately it's mostly gone now!

    Glad you've made the progress you wanted to, 2 more days and a wake up!!