Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well, I'm glad THAT'S over & other random stuff

Last week was tough. Some family members had a series of stressful events that were anticipated -- and in this case I think the anticipation added to the stress. Those are over now and, while we are still waiting for some answers and resolution, we have some answers (good ones!) and things are moving forward.

Our weekend will be spent in the yard. The garden has been tilled up and it's ready for all of the plants I started while Rob was in China. They have been sitting in the living room on a card table for weeks and I an eager to get them into the dirt. We are also going to straight seed some things so we'll have corn, peas and beans in 3 waves. I am hoping that will allow me to keep up with them better this year. We also invited some neighbors to help in exchange for produce -- anytime I can talk someone into doing some weeding for me it is a good thing.

The Circle Journal project is underway -- I have Heather's right now. Her theme is "Where in the World" and requires a layout about where you live. I was anticipating that (since we had all shared our themes before the mailing) and I have lots of great pictures to choose from, so it should move forward quickly. I will post the LO before I send it on in June.

Other than that, the chaos of the end of school year stuff is upon us. I had really hoped to get into my crap room and get it straightened up before school ends but a side project for my friend Kati is taking up several days in the next week. I had all these grand ambitions for what I was going to accomplish during this school year with all 3 kids in school. Guess what? Not so much. I didn't even get the photos transferred from my regular photo file on the computer to my Creative Memories software, and let's just not discuss the thousands of photos already in that software that need labeling, or the thousands in my closet that need to be scanned and labeled, or the genealogy that still sits, waiting patiently for my life to slow down. I am frustrated with that but strangely grateful, too -- after all, I have kids who still want me to be involved in their daily school activities, friends and family that I enjoy spending time with, and a million things that keep me learning, growing, and changing. Maybe I'll get to the other stuff next fall. lol

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