Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I tried, honest I did.

I wanted to post yesterday -- there is even a post in my drafts folder that I intended to publish yesterday. But it needed a photo and the photo was on my camera and the stupid card reader in my computer refused to read it and I gave up and so that's why I missed posting yesterday. Argh.

In other news, I cleaned a house for a friend yesterday. She owns a property management company and pays me to clean properties she is flipping or rentals that are turning over. I like having the extra money here and there, as it pays for stuff that feels like a splurge to me. This time I think it will be Evan's Keens. I have no idea where that kid gets his propensity for $50 sandals. LOL Anyway, he and Garrett both need shoes for summer so that's where this little windfall will be spent.

And I like cleaning -- we've discussed it here before. I can clearly see the progress I've made and, honestly, it is relaxing for me in an odd way.

But yesterday ... I came home and fell into the shower and bed. I got up to eat dinner and promptly took to my bed again. It wasn't a filthy house (don't get me wrong, it certainly fell far short of MY standards), but some things needed to be moved out and OMG how can people just stack garbage in the basement or the back steps and let it sit? Blech. It was a full day and I didn't feel like it was up to my standards even when I left but the new tenant was due in less than an hour so I had to get out. And I was exhausted.

I love the flexibility, but yesterday made me think that it's good I am doing some things that could eventually open up a real job. One that doesn't involve washing walls or hauling out someone else's recycling.

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  1. You would be very uncomfortable at my house then, especially now that everything is extra messy for the addition/remodel. If I was getting paid to clean I'd probably enjoy it more. As it is right now, we need more space so things have homes instead of being stacked or whatever we do with all of our junk. But we're working on it.