Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Where I live

is the theme of the circle journal I am working on. I mentioned it during the last Photo Hunt challenge, and got some great photos of things that are unique to my city. I neglected one thing, though -- this water tower. It has been a fixture in southeast Rochester next to the Seneca Foods plant (which processes vegetables, including corn) since 1931.

No listing of cool stuff in Rochester is complete without the corn cob water tower. :)


  1. Awwww. I miss that old thing. I hope it is okay, but I copied the picture you posted and placed it on my desktop for sentimental reasons.

    Yeah! I know. I am a dork

  2. Michael thought that was cool when we visited in February!

  3. Oh, and supposedly that ear of corn is botanically correct. It has the correct row to kernel ratio.

    Also, it's not a corn cob because it's painted to still have the kernels on it, thus it is more correct to say it is an ear of corn, not a cob.

    Then again there is no apostrophe in St. Marys Hospital either....