Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mommy guilt

I have been very busy this summer so far. The kids got out of school last Tuesday and I have been helping with that house flip, volunteering for the DFL far more than I had intended, and generally my home and kids have been the ones who've suffered.

Yesterday I got stressed out after realizing that I had missed Tuesday's Bookmobile stop in our neighborhood with the kids and I left the flip house, tracked down the Bookmobile, and headed to our friends' home for a couple of hours at the pool.

I didn't swim (though I should have), but the boys had a ball.

Today I am cleaning. Nothing like hosting Book Group at your home to motivate you, huh? Well, whatever it takes, my house needed a good scrubbing and I feel much better when it's tidy, so it's a win-win.

Now I'm wondering what to serve for the book group? LOL It's always something....

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