Monday, June 08, 2009

Thundercake and Root Beer Floats

Tomorrow is the last day of school. This afternoon is my last volunteer day in Spencer's first grade class. I am reading Patricia Polacco's Thundercake and we are making the cake in class. I will then trot off to the teachers' lounge to bake it and while it's baking I will scoop ice cream and pour root beer for the floats in Evan's 4/5 classroom.

The 4/5s have to complete certain assignments each week by Thursday morning. If all their work is done they get a blue slip. If not, I write the dreaded orange slip for them. Last Thursday I told them I'd bring ice cream if all 28 received a blue slip. There are 3 or 4 who are chronically disorganized and distracted and I thought I'd end up bringing smaller treats if 26 of them got blue slips. Oops. They were motivated and they pulled it off.

In other school news, Garrett's camping trip to Whitewater was good and some valuable lessons in planning ahead and following directions were learned. LOL Friday we got next fall's class lists and we were delighted to find that Spencer was placed in Evan's 2/3 teacher's classroom. I adore her, we work well together, and she is a wonderful teacher. I know Spencer will enjoy her, and since he spent so much time in that room while I volunteered he is quite comfortable with her and the classroom and is excited to be in that class.

Evan is going into 5th grade so will stay in his current classroom for one more year.

This week is insane -- volunteering today, tomorrow I clean for Kati and I have some DFL stuff to do, Wednesday the kids are home and I am helping Kati do a flip so Wed/Thurs will be full days, and Thursday night we have a dinner with Rob's first MBA team in the Twin Cities. Friday we will load up the kids and the dog and the camper and head north to a fly-in at a farm in central Minnesota. Modern and vintage planes will be flying in and out all weekend and we are hoping for a chance for the kids to go up once or twice.

Now I'm off to get the root beer and some spoons. Never a dull moment. LOL


  1. Enjoy your big weekend!! We have a wedding and then Michael is off to his dad's.

  2. Yay for motivation!!

    Sounds like your summer has as busy of a kick off as ours. Enjoy!