Friday, July 17, 2009


Inspired by my friend Heather, the kids and a friend from the neighborhood headed out on a Wild Goose Chase on Tuesday. It took almost 4 hours but we found all 18 of the Lucie Goosie statues in Rochester. I took pictures and later this summer on a rainy day we'll all get together and make scrapbooks for the kids to bring to school for Sharing Time (or Show and Tell, or whatever they're calling it this year).

This is my favorite -- the statue sponsored by Mayo Clinic. Here are some details on the artists and materials used. Beautiful. And of course it's surrounded by my boys and Hannah.

(And an aside to Heather -- OH MY GOODNESS! How did you do that in one day with kids that little? We had 2 potty breaks, countless "I'm thirsty"s after they drained their water bottles, and a number of "How many do we have left"s. Don't think I could have done it with younger kids and a baby. You are amazing!)

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  1. Ha ha! Amazing isn't the word I'd use.

    But we broke it into two chunks and did some before lunch, went home and ate lunch then finished after lunch. Ms. D fell asleep in the car so we did the ones we could park right next to and let her sleep.

    Miss M and K Man were both surprisingly into the game so I didn't actually get any complaints!

    Also? The one at Mayo is my favorite too.