Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book of Me

We had a wonderful day on July 26, and it was so nice that I found the time to record all the good stuff from that day. Title was cut on Silhouette; font is Elise. Bottom border is felt fusion from Queen & Co., which I would never have tried except it was in one of my TX Scrapfest goodie bags.

And while I never thought I could tire of the pink, black and white color combination, I kind of am, so I'll be trying to inject more colors into the next couple BOM layouts.

I know I'm being a horrible blogger but this summer has ended up being far busier than expected and, frankly, I am uninspired. I hope to get back on the blogging bandwagon once school starts up again. (For those of you out of state, we don't start until September 8, so it's a ways out yet.) Thanks for hanging in there with me.


  1. Sept. EIGHT??? We start on the 24th. My nephew starts tomorrow. The paper I read at my in-laws' house said one district, Rock Island maybe?, started on Aug 3.

    My blogging is off too...we should challenge each other.

  2. the felt fusion looks great at the bottom. I haven't played with mine yet, but I'm just now getting all unpacked LOL