Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it ...

is to help me brainstorm something for the latest Circle Journal. The A to Z of me is what it's called, and I need a word or phrase for each letter of the alphabet that describes me.

I also need inspiration for how to get all of said words onto the 2 8x8 inch scrapbook pages, but that's another entry.

I have a partially completed list but I don't want to sully the purity of your thoughts with my lame ideas, so I'll share the ones I use at the end.

Ready ... set ... go!

(And thank you.)


  1. A = Anal
    B = Bitchy
    C = Cran . . .

    Oh, wait, wrong friend.

    Z = Zany
    Y = Young at heart
    x = Xena: Warrior Princess!
    w = Willing
    v = Vivacious
    u = Utilitarian
    t = Talented
    s = Straightforward

    I gotta score some points for helping with the hard letters! Right? :-D

  2. these will be just random as they come to me LOL

    B-Bruce's groupie
    F-family oriented

  3. B: Broadcaster
    V: Veteran
    D: Democrat
    I: Intelligent
    R: Reader
    G: Genealogist
    K: Kind

    I have to think some more.

  4. Consider writing your alphabet around the outside edges of the pages or in a big old swirl on one side with your photo sandwiched between a big A and Z on the other w/ the A in the upper left and Z in the lower right, pic in the middle.

    I'll have to think of letters but I'd use Zesty or Zealous.