Friday, October 16, 2009

Circle Journal, month 5

These are the pages I did for Karry's Circle Journal. Her theme was "What I Love/Can't Live Without it!" Kind of a no-brainer for me. Books have been so important to me as long as I can remember. I cut the title on the Silhouette (can you hear the Heavenly choir every time I type that? Listen. Silhouette. Do you hear it?). Decided to use the negative image rather than the cutout letters (partly because it is a pain to put all those tiny pieces in my little Xyron to make them sticky.) I just printed images of some of my favorite books (old ones and more recent reads), and mounted it all on plain white paper that I printed with some favorite quotes. The photo was taken in my bedroom next to the big Expedit bookcase by Evan. Nice job, huh?

The CJ group is in a bit of a muddle right now. Several people are trying to get caught up and that leaves me (for a week or two, anyway) without a book. And my book is MIA right now. It seems it escaped from its Priority Mail box and got lost. How on earth it could just fall out of one of those boxes is beyond me, but whatever. Anyway, it makes it kind of difficult to file claims for stuff because the item is owned by one person but was being mailed from another person to a third party. Yeah, try explaining that without sounding crazy. And no, we don't insure these because it's too hard to place a value on them and it just adds to the expense, so Delivery Confirmation is all we do.

So it was in bubble wrap and inside a plastic zip top bag. It has my name and address on a label on the inside cover and a claim is being filed to try to recover it.

Fortunately it seems everyone in the group who has already had the book is willing to recreate their pages if I end up having to replace it. In the meantime, prayers to St. Anthony or the deity of your choice or a few good vibes tossed into the universe on my behalf would be appreciated.

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  1. I hear it! I hear it! The choir!