Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I was wrong, thank goodness

It was not H1N1. Garrett and Spence were back at school Tuesday, both feeling fine. Spencer never had a fever at all, Garrett just a slight one on Sunday afternoon around 4, that magical hour when kids' temps spike for some unknown reason.

Evan was fever-free when he woke up yesterday but since he had run a fever well into Monday evening I kept him home one more day.

All that to explain that it wasn't H1N1; just a miserable cold (or maybe even 2 different viruses). For which I am most grateful. I felt a little off Sunday and Monday, but not terrible, and other than a runny nose and chapped hands from all the handwashing, I am fine now, too.

Garrett and Rob are at the fall camping trip for school, Evan went back to school this morning cheerfully (he was pretty bored yesterday), and I put up some freezer corn today.

Some of the family drama has been resolved; the most immediate source of my distress had been a family member calling me up to 6 times a day wanting assistance with a situation I had no control over and could not help with. The calls ranged from tearful to angry to "I deserve a call back; at least you can do that for me" and, well, I couldn't. Couldn't do anything and knew that once I said that we would go right to angry again, and that the calls would continue because, well, said family member's memory is not what it used to be.

Anyway, that person no longer has the ability to make long distance phone calls and my stress level is greatly reduced. I still check the caller ID before answering the phone but it's mostly force of habit from screening calls for a month. Now I just have to delete all 40 minutes of the messages from the voice mail box.

I am still working on layouts for the Book of Me and I am *almost* done with the latest circle journal layout (it just needs a photo of me), so will be posting some of that stuff soon.

The sun is shining and I feel like I'm getting a into a bit of a groove just in time for fall to really hit. It's nice.

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