Sunday, December 13, 2009


We went to church this morning and the opening responsive reading struck me like lightning.
I have been down lately (understatement, no?) and I have not felt like hanging out in my scrapbooking room. It's a place that normally makes me feel calm but energized, that fosters my creative spark, that is filled with things I love, but it wasn't inspiring me.
The reading this morning immediately had me thinking that I needed it to be displayed prominently in my home, that I felt it was representative of the home I want to create for me, for my family, for my friends.

This House

This house is for the ingathering
of nature and human nature.

It is a house of friendships,
a haven in trouble, an open
room for the encouragement
of our struggle.

It is a house of freedom, guarding
the dignity and worth of every person.

It offers a platform for
the free voice, for declaring
both in times of security
and danger, the full and
undivided conflict of opinion.

It is a house of truth-seeking, where
scientists can encourage devotion to
their quest, where mystics can abide
in a community of searchers.

It is a house of art,
adorning its celebrations
with melodies and handiworks.

It is a house of prophecy, outrunning
times past and times present in visions
of growth and progress.

This house is a cradle for
our dreams, the workshop of
our common endeavor.

~Kenneth L. Patton

I came home and grabbed a canvas and started painting a foundation for those amazing words.

I found some pretty papers and began crafting some custom magnets for gifts.

I began making an exploding box.

I am inspired. The creativity that was lying dormant is found, at least for a little while.

I will finish that canvas this week I hope, using some inspiration I found here on Nora Griffin's blog.

Ahh, the sun begins to peek through the clouds.

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  1. So very glad your muse came back to hang with you! :)