Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Wow. I am swinging wildly, sometimes in the course of 10 minutes, from "okay" to "a puddle" and back again. It is disconcerting.

I did finish my altered canvas today -- except for a little Mod Podge needed on the edges. Think Rob will get it hung up later tonight after Garrett's band concert. I think I will add the title, too, somehow, but for now it's good enough.

I did one of those "pass it on" things on Facebook earlier this year (mostly because my awesomely talented and creative friend Ann was giving random handmade stuff away and I love anything she does), so I am trying to finish some projects for the people who signed up to receive a handmade item from me. No guarantees as to the coolness factor, but I am having fun working on them.

Spencer has his first Destination ImagiNation meeting tonight -- he is a little unsure about it but I think he'll like it. A quick trip to the bookmobile is in order before that, and a stop at the public library to pick up a hold either tonight or tomorrow. I'll throw together a little dinner and we'll go to the holiday concert, which I am looking forward to.

What I am NOT looking forward to? The below zero temps out there tonight. It was about 5 earlier. Yes, FIVE. DEGREES. FAHRENHEIT. I know, it's ridiculous.

Got a little more shopping done today. I am about done. Need a few gift cards that I am picking up at school (the school sells gift cards, or SCRIP, for face value and makes money). Love it, as they sell for popular restaurants and retailers including iTunes and Aeropostale. I'm picking things up for my mother-in-law and a brother-in-law as well. And Teresa, if you're reading this, there will be a lil' package heading your way soon with that special MN thing. :)


  1. The bookmoblie doesn't do holds anymore? Say hi to the bookmobile ladies sometime for me if you think of it.

    I need to motivate on the Christmas shopping too...time's a'wastin'!

    Cold. Too damn cold.

  2. Thanks girl. I sent the little piece of paper in exchange!!

  3. I got my Magnets in the mail. Chloe is in love with the tin too. Thanks so much! Love you lady!