Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

My mother-in-law, JoAnn, was here last week for Evan's band concert, Spencer's birthday, and my brother-in-law Jim's birthday.

She is a knitter, and she finished a scarf for herself and announced she needed to run to Michaels for more yarn. She didn't have a specific project in mind, so I found some fuzzy yarn (called Cotton Candy) and suggested she make a scarf for me.

She used 4 skeins of yarn and made this wonderful fuzzy thing for me in just 3 days.

I know. She is awesome.

And since she finished that project so quickly, we went back to the store and I chose a lovely blue, white and lavender yarn for a shawl for my birthday. LOL

Later this week I will add a photo of the green scarf Teresa made for me for Christmas. She chose the color to highlight my hair and eyes and it looks great with my navy blue peacoat.

I am not a knitter but I do appreciate having friends and relatives with that skill ... it is most appreciated in these cold winter months!

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  1. I love the cool notecards and magnets that YOU make!! I am still learning how to knit. I hope to get better. Maybe I need a clinic in ND this summer with JoAnn!!